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Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter

I connect
business and
innovation minds
to build social and environmental
impact in Latin America.



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Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter is the expert Founders, CEOs and Impact Sector Leaders go to for mobilizing thriving communities, bridging market tools + impact drive, & designing purpose-driven innovations for their business growth.

Social entrepreneur, impact investor and human rights lawyer. Currently, Global VP of Purpose and Community at Betterfly, the first social unicorn start-up.  

Michelle is the former CEO and co-founder of IMPAQTO, the B-Corporation that builds impact ecosystems through coworking, business acceleration programs, social innovation consulting and impact investing.

Before her career in business, Michelle was the founding Country Director of Asylum Access Ecuador, a legal clinic for refugees now reaching more than tens of thousands of refugees in Asia, Africa and Latin America. As a consultant, she has focused on paths to scaling impact for grassroots organizations, including an association of families of disappeared children in El Salvador, and communities at risk of development-induced displacement in Thailand, Cambodia and India. She also served as the Executive Director of TECHO Ecuador and Latin America Director for HURIDOCS, a human rights and technology NGO.

Michelle writes and speaks about She holds an Mst in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford and a Master's in Public Policy, UC Berkeley. Michelle lives in her hometown in Quito with her husband , baby twins and two loving dogs.


Articles and Press

I write about impact investment, purpose-driven leadership, entrepreneurship and the future of Latin America. 

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Inspiration. Insights. A Fresh Perspective.

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